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Dance & Fitness Classes



Online classes are currently on a hiatus. Check back for more updates.

All classes are taught through Zoom. A drop-in class is $10 or you can purchase a class pack: 3 classes for $25 or 5 classes for $40. Email to reserve your spot for a class or to purchase a class pack.

Current Classes

“Combo Class” is a combination of all the major elements of fitness - cardio, mobility, strength and flexibility. The class includes a dance-based cardio block (typically 20 minutes), a body-weight strength & mobility block including standing exercises and mat work (typically 20 minutes) and a flexibility block (typically 10-15 minutes). An open-level class, Leanne gives options for everyone; low-impact modifications and high-intensity challenges are provided throughout.


“Sunday Stretch” is a restorative movement and flexibility class meant to unwind the body from the stresses of the week and recharge for the week ahead. This slow/flow class focuses on moving the body in ways that feel good while increasing mobility, range of motion and flexibility. An open-level class, Leanne gives options for everyone, with modifications for beginners and more advanced stretches for dancers or athletes.

"Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary" is meant for dancers who have trained for multiple years. Class includes a brief warm-up and learning a piece of choreography. Ages 10+

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