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Wedding Lessons & Choreography

One of my favorite jobs to do is work with couples in preparation for their wedding. I help couples create the dance of their dreams in a fun, low-stress atmosphere from the comfort of their own home! My goal is to make both partners feel comfortable and confident when they take the dance floor on their wedding day. I specialize in natural, simple choreography that looks polished, but not overly choreographed. (But I also can help you create an intricate choreographed routine if that is what you're looking for.) Lessons are conducted thru FaceTime or Zoom. Or if you're in the NYC-area, we can meet in-person for an additional charge. 

Custom Packages

Every couple has different needs and desires when it comes to their wedding. Some just want one lesson to learn some basic moves, whereas others want to have five lessons and a well rehearsed dance leading up to their big day. I adapt to whatever your needs are and charge $70/hour! Typically, I recommend the following:

- One 30-minute consult call

- Initial 1-hour lesson to learn choreography

- Follow-up 1-hour lesson to review notes 

- Final 30-minute lesson the week of the wedding to review!

Want help with more than one dance?

I can also work with you on:

- Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dances

- Mother/Daughter dances

- Bridal Party dances 

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